What is it I like so much about pregnant women? Here's a few things...

Fuck a Pregnant Woman

1. Fucking Pregnant Women

Yes, I know, for a site called 'Pregnant Women Fucking' it's a bit obvious that I like fucking sexy preggo hotties. But it had to be included at number one. There's something about that glow that women get when they're in the club that is so, so sexy. Not to mention their big milky tits, stretched bellies and swollen pussies.

Unfortunately, most of us rarely get to fuck a preggo babe unless our own chick's are up the duff. That's why we have preggo porn! And that's why we have the next item on our list...

Hot Pregnant Woman

2. Watching Pregnant Women Fucking

Yes, watching a knocked-up woman fuck someone else is next on my list of things I like. In fact some guys like this even better than the real thing. Did you ever fantasise about some other dude fucking your preggo wife or girlfriend?

Wether it's real life or fantasy, live or in porn, we all love to watch pregnant women fuck. And you will never be short of pregnant fucking porn action as long as you keep visiting my site!

Huge Preggo Tits

3. Huge Pregnant Tits

Lets face it, one of the best things about a preggers chick is that her boobs grow way bigger than normal. If you're a tit man you're gonna be in heaven when your woman gets knocked-up. Just imagine getting your hands on those huge juicy pregnant melons and getting your tongue round those swollen puffy nipples. Big preggo jugs is one of the main bonuses of getting your woman in the club.

And of course, her tits aren't the only thing that's gonna get bigger...

Sexy Preggo Belly

4. Stretched Pregnant Bellies

The most obvious thing about preggo women is the huge belly. For a lot of us that's a big turn-on in itself. And the best thing is there's just no place to hide it! I can get a boner just watching some hot pregnant woman walking down the street with her huge tummy poking out in front. I just need to imagine fucking my cock between her big ripe titties and blowing my load on her stretched belly and I'm almost cumming in my pants.

In all the picture sets and videos here at Pregnant Women Fucking we try to show off the woman's stretched belly as much as possible. After all, you want to be able to tell she's up the duff while you watch her fuck don't you?

Swollen Pregnant Labia

5. Swollen Pregnant Pussies

OK, I admit, this is probably first on the list really but I thought I'd save the best until last :)

Swollen pussies are one of the things I love most about fucking hot pregnant women. I love the way the pussy lips swell up and look so fucking delicious. It also looks great in preggo porn when you see a guy stuffing his cock into a hot swollen pussy.

But that's not the best thing about swollen pussies. All that blood down there makes her pussy super sensitive so she goes off like a fucking rocket as soon as you get anywhere near her. Combine that with all those hormones flying around and you can see why so many women have real good orgasms in preggo porn!

So that's just a few of the things I like about preggo women. Why should you care? Well, if you like the same things I do just bookmark the site and check back soon for even more Pregnant Women Fucking!